I am very grateful to everybody who has
received one of my wonderful Papillons.  
As I would like to give a Very Special
Thanks to everyone who has chosen
Katurah's Papillons for their show and
performance dogs, or family pet
companions: to which to share their lives
with in the past and future; A big part of
my fulfillment is placing my dogs in the
right homes; where they and their owners
will thrive in companionship.  Because of
each of you, I have been fortunate in
reaching many of my goals.  As a Breeder I
may breed the puppy but it is the owners
who help them reach their full potential.  I
appreciate each and everyone of you!  And
am pleased to offer the owners support for
the life time of the Katurah dogs!  
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Award for


This what Katurah puppies are all about! Rhemmy has
received his Puppy Cert. in Beginning Obedience.  He
is very much loved by his family and goes on many
outings and special occasions!  Turbo boy!
Katurah's Contessa is a beautiful Papillon, who
is out of a double bred Katurah dogs.  AKC ptd.
Giorgio x CH Dude daughter [BOBP Group Puppy
Isybella  bred puppy!]
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reasonable price!
Katurah's Sunshine
We are enjoying Sunshine.  
She is very smart and has a
great personality.  We
appreciate the information
you provided concerning
Papillons. Whow what a
beautiful, intellegent, family
girl; who
Johnny Cash
Katurah's Yeti

"We all just adore him,
Pamela! Thank you for such
a fabulous little dog =D"
Johnny Cash on the right and his son!
We just love him!  He is such wonderful boy!
Thank you!
Thank you Pamela, he is so
ALL 3 dogs beautiful and
nice dogs
excelling/acheiving their
titles out of Katurah dogs.
Maddie, is a very nice example of the breed and has
been winning in the shows under stiff competition and
large classes of dogs and is an Int/Nat CH Group Winner!
Katurah's Flyer
Katurah's Liberty
We just love Liberty and she is
so smart and she has bonded
with my granddaughter!
Home of Katurah's Papillons
and once
Australian Shepherds

Where Beauty and Performance are  Born!
Just wanted to tell you that Leah is
doing very well. She loves to play.
Currently I think she is trying to
figure out where to hide a treat I
gave her. We're working on learning
simple commands like "come", "sit",
"lay". She's learning quickly. She
loves to chase toys.

Katurah's Leah
Katurah's Leah
Melissa wrote:

"Hi, Pamela, Diesel is such a wonderful dog. When I walk him, he attracts
lots of attention. He was neutered about 2 months ago and he recovered
wonderfully. Diesel means the world to me and my family. We have not
met a sweeter, more affectionate little dog. His loyalty is exceptional,
along with his intelligence. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful
addition to our home."
Melissa wrote: "Hi Pamela, This is my most recent picture of Diesel.
Thank you so much for this sweet, and loving addition to our family."
Katurah's Shakira

There is so much love for and we are
grateful for her and the two other girls
you gave me!  I'm so please about there
temperaments, structure, and
loveliness; no one can experience what
I have out of these girls/Shakira.  
Shakira has been my life and so have
the two girls and Edmond just adores

Thank you,
Katurah's Diesel
Katurah's Liberty
Katurah's Diesel
If you are looking for a puppy, young adult or started Papillon for Conformation, [Performance] Agility, Rally, Obedience,
Barn Work, Nose Work, Instinct Testing Certs., Coursing, Therapy~Service Work or a Family Pet Companion
Multiple BOB~Grand CH all major ptd. AKC CH Turbo,  
Grand CH major ptd. Multiple BOB AKC CH Joey,and
BIS Match/AKC ptd. Tony, CA~legs on CAA
ALL taking the wins and placements both days in a big
Papillon line up!
Just wanted to touch base with you on the
Papillion (Sire:  Turbo) last summer.  He is
the most wonderful companion I could have
ever asked for.  He is adorable, sweet
disposition and loves people and other dogs.  
He is a devil to the birds in the back yard and
his favorite sport is to run and chase them.  
He travels well and goes everywhere with me
that allows dogs.  He has been on long road
trips and short trips to the store.  
He is a great dog.  Best decision that I made
in 2012!!!!!  Definitely my dog.  He likes my
husband, but is my constant companion.

I plan on signing him up for agility this fall.  
He follows direction so well and is smart and
a quick learner.  I will let you know how it
goes and send more pictures.

He is a very intelligent dog and obedience is
a piece of cake with him.  He is great with
sit, down, stay and wait.  

We named him Maq (after Steve McQueen in
Papillon).  He’s a big hit wherever he goes.

I’ve attached some photos of Maq from his
first snow last winter.

Darla Newman
I wanted to tell you how special this girl is.
I know you breed for personality…
but she is amazing!!!!!

She seems to be all things…
she is a fluffily cuddlier,
an excellent sports dog (catching the ball..she ALWAYS
wants to play)
a dog who will let you dress her up for photographs
and is soooo smart….
like a chess player, she is always thinking several steps
She gets along really well with the other papillons here.

I have always admired Kirby Supernatural
and am pleased to have part of this heritage.

Thanks for getting a dog to us who we get so much pleasure
We named her Pilot to honor both my brother and my dad
who were aviators.
She is a bit of a skilled adventurer -- so it seems to fit her

Thanks so very much,,
Please notice his life jacket on!  They all need a life jacket on when
boating or in/around water. I love boating and catching sun rays; while
dad and mom bask in the sun light and fish.
Here is another Katurah girl laying on the floor!
Watch for her as an Agility contender.
Jake and his great friend! We
love Jake and what a Great
Asset he is to our family!  
Katurah's Cally
Coca and the Famous Roc Z
AKC ptd. Katurah's Cally
Major CH Grand ptd.  and AKC CH CH Katurah's Joey
Zoey says, "see Dad (Turbo) I can charm the judge,
too." WB, BOW, BOS. — with Holly Horton and Pamela
Schweikert.  Here is a beautiful Turbo daughter!
Turbo says, "I might be old, but still hot stuff", taking
Best of Breed from the Veterans Class and a Group 2.
— with Holly Horton and Pamela Schweikert.
Katurah's Harley (Wiley) and Kaliey What a nice little
boy and he will go far in Agility and excell in all does.
Pat trying to figure out where she will sleep
with all the Papillons taking over her bed!
What a site!
AKC Multiple BOB Grand CH ptd. Sweapstakes
Group Placer AKC CH Turbo
AKC ptd. Katurah's Zoey taking a nap after her shows and wins!
Hi Pam,

Hope you are doing well :)  
Jake is 7 months old now & I
thought I would let you know how
he's doing.  He was neutered
yesterday and he did great.  They
were surprised at what a little
champ he was .... No cries or
barking at all when he woke.  He
is recovering so well that I am
making extra efforts just to slow
him down a bit  :)  
He still sings, especially when he
greets my husband when he
returns home from work.  Jake
has such a gentle and loving
personality.  A lot of people have
commented that they can't
believe he is still just a pup
because he is so well behaved.
We love him more and more each
Jakey Poo!
All puppies have very nice pedigrees with a lot of great Champions and Grand Champions and their sires are either AKC pointed or
Champions with some of the dams also being AKC ptd.or AKC CH Titled.  They are ALL very healthy, happy, full of life, and sound.  
Vaccinations and wormings are current.

I do have some very nice young adults and older dogs available to great homes only.  Ask about availability.  My dogs go
very quickly. Pictures are current on ALL PUPPIES!

Please inquire with
integrity and seriousness!                          The ears will stand up and noses will turn black!
Extra pictures, and information can be sent to you by text, email, or by phoning me @ 208 320 3734  pamela@katurahspapillons.com
Billy, Duke, & Rhemmy [in order in the 4th pic
over] are very handsome boys and they will make
a nice family dogs.  Their personalities are
outstanding.  These pics were taken in a busy
mall first time being out there and with no
leashes.  They never strayed off from the bench
and everyone was able to walk up to them and
pet them with no problems. Not available.
Katurah's Flyer
Rocky, is very cute and should make a great family or
performance prospect.  My grandsire's are my famous CH
Dude and Grand Champion Turbo owned by Katurah's.
Zohnny, is going to be a very stunning show~performance,
therapy~service prospect or a very nice family pet
Andy, is very pretty marked and she should make someone a nice
show~performance~Agility prospect for a Jr. Handler or Handler not
counting a great therapy~service prospect or family pet companion.
Brandon, is very handsome and would make a
great family pet companion prospect.  I just
barely opened my eyes.  I am a CH Dude,
Grand CH Turbo, BIS BISS CH Carmela
Johnny, should make a nice show~performance
all around dog; not excluding a wonderful
family pet companion prospect.
Poppy, is very cute and personable.
She should make a nice family or
therapy~service~performance prospect.  
I just barely opened my eyes.
Little Dude, comes from a very long line of World CH, Grand CH, and CH's.  He has a phenomenal pedigree and
should make an excellent show~versatility performance prospect, family companion; has a great personality.  
My goal is to make sure that all my Papillons live up to my motto:  '
Pretty Is As Pretty Does; but~also:  Where Beauty and Performance are Born and Made as One.'