If you are looking for a puppy, young adult or started Papillon for Conformation, [Performance]
Agility, Rally, Obedience, Tricks, Barn Work, Nose Work, Instinct Testing Certs., Coursing,
Therapy~Service Work or a Beautiful Family Pet Companion, please ask me for availability!
Duke, is a very handsome, healthy boy with a very
happy personality and will make a nice family pet
companion, obedience, service~therapy dog and is
going to be small. Sable and white
Gabriel, is going to
make someone a
very nice family
companion.  He has
a very friendly &
has confident
personality & aims
to please.  He comes
from a long line of
Notable Top Award
Winning Champions!
Jazz,is a pretty female with a confident~kind personality
and should make a great family companion, obedience,
therapy or service dog.  She loves playing with her toys and
being around her family.
Baby Dog, gets his name because he is going to be
small; but, don't let his size fool you.  He has a big
heart, is very friendly, intelligent, healthy, happy, a
thinker, is very pretty, and loves to show off.
Red and white
Daniel, should be a nice family pet
companion. He is going to be small and
easy to carry.  He has a kind and very
friendly personality, healthy, always
happy, & eager to please.
Elli, is very cute and should excel in her daily loves and
kisses. She has a very friendly, spunky, and kind
temperament.  If your looking for a small carry on puppy,
this is her. What she lacks in size, she makes up in
personality; not too many things gets past her.
Blk~tri and white
Bentley, has a friendly~sweet personality like is
parents, & should make a nice show~performance
prospect or great family companion.  He comes
from a very long line of Notable Top Award
Winning Champions and Performance Dogs.
Ryker, should make a nice performance
prospect whether it be in obedience, tricks,  
service work, or great family pet companion.
He is very friendly, intelligent, & eager to
please.  Blk~tri and white
Health Clearances are done yearly on sires and dams. All puppies are healthy, happy, and sound.  
Vaccinations and wormings are current.  Puppies come from a long line of Notable Top Award
Winning Champions~Performance Dogs in their pedigree. Puppies are either from CH sired or AKC
ptd dogs. Please read my Health Guarantees, sample contract,  
Lenny, is loves to play with his toys, gets a long well, has
a very happy personality, and should make a wonderful
family companion, service~therapy dog, or great travel
partner. He is a very pretty marked blk~tri n white.
Rena, is very cute,
loving, happy, &
intelligent. She should
make a nice family
dog or travel partner.
Daniel, Baby Dog     
Elli, Duke
They'er all posing together with
no leashes for the first time.