If you are looking for a puppy, young adult or started Papillon for Conformation, [Performance]
Agility, Rally, Obedience, Tricks, Barn Work, Nose Work, Instinct Testing Certs., Coursing,
Therapy~Service Work or a Family Pet Companion, please ask me for availability!
Duke, is a very handsome boy with a very happy
personality and will make a nice family pet
companion, obedience, service~therapy dog.
Sable and white
Shannon, is going to make
someone a very nice
show~performance or family
companion.  She has a very
friendly and confident
personality.  She from a long
line of Notable Top Award
Winning Champions!
Jazz,is a pretty female with a confident~kind personality
and should make a great family companion, therapy or
service dog.  Red and white
Baby Boy, gets his name because he is going to be
small; but, don't let his size fool you.  He has a big
heart for his size and is very friendly.
Red and white
Daniel, should be a nice family pet
companion. He is going to be small
and easy to carry.  He has a kind and
very friendly personality, eager to
Becky, is very cute and should
excel in her daily kisses.  She has
a very friendly and kind
personality.  If your looking for a
small carry on puppy, this is her.
Blk~tri and white
Rhonda, should make a nice
show~performance prospect.  She comes from
a very long line of Notable Top Award Winning
Champions and Performance dogs.
Smudge, should make a nice performance
prospect whether it be in obedience, tricks,  
service work, or great family pet companion. She
is very friendly, intelligent, and eager to please.  
Blk~tri and white
Health Clearances are done yearly on sires and dams.
All puppies are healthy, happy, sound and .  Vaccinations and wormings are current.  Puppies
come from a long line of Notable Top Award Winning Champions in their pedigree.  Puppies are
either from CH sired or AKC ptd dogs.