Katurah's Cooper

In all three pics below.  He is very much loved and the star of the show!

Denise wrote: "He's very spoiled & I would have it no other way. He's like a child to me, he's my baby. He's 2
now & has fit perfectly into our family. We're a pack. LOL"

Denise wrote: We love Cooper. He's a beautiful Papillon, I'm so thankful and proud to have him. We were
meant for each other LOL into our family. We're a pack.
Denise wrote: "Excellent. So happy for you Pamela. Top quality Papillons, I sure love my Cooper."
Holly Horton has endorsed your work as Owner at Katurah.

Dear Pamela,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Pamela is a talented web page designer. She designed and continually updates her
own web page, and has done work for others as well.

projects, not the least of which has been a collaberation on showing and breeding dogs (specifically Papillons--her
specialty). She truly cares about them and about those people she works with, both as friends and business associates.

She has a tenacious spirit and outlook on life. Although she has suffered several major setbacks the last few years, she
is pressing forward with new plans."

BOB AKC ptd. Katurah Very Special Agent DiNose'O Ajuaq

internet bullies have stopped.


Katurah's Papillons is a great place to get your next dog.  Pamela, the breeder, is very out going and genuinely a
great person who is easy to deal with and very fair when it comes to the business side of buying a puppy.  

I unfortunately lost my puppy over the summer, rare parasitic attack to the brain (bot fly larva and extremely rare in
dogs) and of no fault to the breeder, so be careful if you live in Minnesota.  

I called Pamela when this happened and she was very upset to hear about my loss.  She subsequently offered me a
puppy out of her next litter free of charge, even though the death was not her fault at all.  

This generosity gave me the sense that she just wanted me to have a dog and how much she cares about her dogs
and who she sells them too.  I was very satisfied with my first dog, so much so that I would strongly consider only
buying another papillon/s from Katurah's.  I'm looking forward to my new puppy!

Thank you Pamela for giving us a great experience to buying a dog, and giving me advice in caring for our new fluffy
family member!!

Katurah's Grahm
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Katurah's Rhemmy

We just love Remmy and he is doing very wonderful, your dogs and puppies were the
nicest from everyone else's we saw and your were the kindest person!

Remy received his Certificate of Acheivement in Puppy Education!
These are only a very few happy Dog/Puppy family homes that
are listed.  Please continue reading and surfing through my site
are for conformation, performance- versatility, agility, therapy,
rally, or just family pet companions!
Red Greyphyon Papillons

make sure no genetic flaws are introduced into her splendid lines.  She seldom fails in matching clients with just the
right puppy by asking discerning questions.  She's extremely honest in all her business dealings.  Her integrity in this
can be attributed to that envy.

It took two years for her to breed a show quality worthy bitch for me; it was well worth the wait!  Zahdi is my pride and
joy!  Every Papillon I have gotten from Pamela has been beautiful without flaws and with sweet dispositions.
She has a heart of gold and I'm proud to call her a friend!!

Hi Pamela,

Tina L M Piatt commented on your status.
Tina wrote: "Pamela is one of the better breeders of this breed there is out there... But yet there are a few that are
great as well, just in their own ways and some of the same.... She has always given me advice whether I choose to use
it or not, is up to me.. She has never steerd me wrong when it comes to her and her knowing her dogs.... As far as in
my book, Pamela.. Is a pretty great person.."
Katurah's Abby

She is such a beautiful girl, very bright, and will go far as a family therapy companion!