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Here at Katurah's Papillons, I am dedicated to protecting the integrity of the Papillon breed.  I breed only to the American Kennel Club standards of
excellence; with the health and happiness of my dogs foremost on my mind.  I strive to produce top quality show and versatility~performance dogs
plus, beautiful pet companions; that are happy and loving little bundles of joy for other people to be able to share and enjoy their lives with.  

It is my goal at Katurah's Papillons, to take the fundamental strengths of the Papillon breed and combine them in a fashion that transcends the breed
to the next level of soundness----
genetically, mentally, physically, and structurally.

I believe in producing the healthiest examples of the breed one can.  I have poured more than 40 years of my heart, soul, study, and dedication into
producing the very best examples in the Australian Shepherds and then into the Papillon breed.  I strive to improve each bloodline through careful
selection and the promotion of the very best traits.  With my dogs having showy attitudes, beautiful structure, genetics, and type; they meet the AKC
Papillon Standard in all areas, including performance!

My dogs are veterinarian checked regularly and all vaccinations are kept current.  Health and dispositions are guaranteed.  If you require any
references I would be happy to provide them.  All of my dogs/puppies are raised and socialized in my home, in a [clean, safe, happy environment with
me or with family members;] they are part of my family.  My dogs have a wonderful place to live, run, learn, play, love, and be loved.   I provide much
exposure with many variables factored in, such as: interaction with people/kids, playtime with lots of different toys, training tools, and new
surroundings [also including bathing and grooming.]

I do believe that getting one of my lovely dogs/puppies out in the ring competing is a great plus for the breed and I.  Also I like getting my beautiful
Papillons out into cherished family pet companion homes [the families can own a fabulous show~performance prospect  from me or a finished
Champion going into a Forever Home.  My Family Pet Homes have always provided such great homes for the puppies, young adults, and retired dogs
with great pride; not exclude the Show~Performance homes.]  I take great pride in how socialized and happy my puppies/dogs are when they leave
here to go to their new homes.

However, so I can keep track of my dogs' bloodline in pedigrees and for registry record keeping purposes, my kennel name is:  “Katurah's Papillons"  I
am strictly a hobby conformation~performance breeder, who has been in this breed for over 20 years improving my dogs bloodlines for the
betterment of the breed; [not a company, business, or commercial pet enterprise.]  I own and compete with purebred, registered Papillons, and
compete against other breeds only as a hobby.  Also, I work with dogs and their humans in learning and restructuring their lives [bonding] in Herding,
Puppy and Adult Socialization, Rally, Obedience, Conformation, and Therapy; not counting family companions adjusting to home life and society [the
puppies/dogs that would not fit in a family setting or wanted in society.]  With great success, dedication, and hard work, there has been major success
and gratification with long lasting love and commitment~dedication with the families, show~performance people in ALL Pure and Mixed Breeds.  

I am more than willing to help a new person get a start in this breed if one is truly in it for the breed and willing to learn!  It gives me great joy to work
with [mentor] some one who is willing to learn and stay true to this breed!

With all of my years of experience and knowledge, I still have Integrity to this day!  I look forward to the future and many years ahead with this lovely
breed!  Showing, Training, and Breeding dogs is a Gentleman's Sport!  We should ALL respect this as Breeders and Owners of this breed and other

Please feel free to use my menu buttons and site map for easy navigation through my site.  

If you have any questions or inquiries, I am always available by e-mail or phone
208 320 3734.  Please don't hesitate to
contact me:  You will find me knowledgeable, friendly, kind, with integrity~honesty, and very courteous!  If you have
problems reaching me by email please don't hesitate to phone; there is Internet difficulties at times.

I am a small hobby show dog/performance owner dedicated to over 4 decades of excellent!
Please check out the American Kennel Club, Breed Standards of excellence and the History Page!
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Katurah's Rena
Katurah's Wiley
               Home of Katurah's Papillons
and once
                     Australian Shepherds

Where Beauty and Performance are  Born  and made as one!
Katurah's Liberty
I am very careful to where I place my puppies/dogs and I strive to have loving homes for them.  Most often people are looking for puppies
that are well loved, top quality, healthy, and well taken care of, but want them for a lesser price.

If you are looking for a genetically healthy puppy, that is thoughtfully bred with care, knowledge of the breed, [is an excellent representation
of the Papillon breed, with a sound body and mind, excellent temperament, coats, ears, and nice conformation] then you have come to the
right place.  Also, I have "NO OUTDOOR KENNELS."

I provide much exposure with many variables factored in, such as: interaction with people/kids, playtime with lots of different toys, training
tools, and new surroundings.  My Papillons become accustomed to bathing and grooming, standing on a grooming table, [toe nails clipped
when appropriate] as a daily activity.

Also, I have dogs currently being shown in conformation [AKC pointing~finishing as Grand Champions~Champions~Top 5-10 dogs in the
Nation, and competing/excelling in performance such as agility (beginners, advanced, MACH)~obedience~rally~coursing~therapy~etc...]  
My puppies are well loved and socialized [imprinted from birth.]  If your main focus is showing or for performance, I do sell puppies [with
Special Considerations] to show~breeding or performance~breeding approved homes. Only if the puppy will be raised in your home as part of
the family, and not living in a kennel/cage.  I prefer not to sell my puppies just for breeding.  I love placing my puppies into great family
homes where they can be loved and enjoyed as a family member!  Also, I'm not associated with any other breeder/breeders nor on the
Internet where they are suggesting; "you may like this breeder and/or directly under my name with these comments dealing with Internet
postings of this."  These breeders have no intentions of being thoughtful or helpful when it comes to my dogs nor my program [I'm a kind
person with integrity, and breeders/competition loves to slander me; plus, also claim they have rare colors in dogs or tea cups~which there is
not, per our
'Breed Standards of Excellence~American Kennel Club;' they are either small or larger and within our standards!]  Please beware
of those who state this; not counting they post on the websites, their puppies/dogs are sold~pending when not at all, to lure one in thinking
they have the best dogs, to entice you to purchase theirs.  A breeder with integrity, one will remove the puppy/dog from their website or ad
when sold/pending and not leave it their in desperation to lure others in for a sale; not caring where they are placed and will not put the price
on them (this is what we call, "screening") asking and answering questions to place the correct puppy in the ultimate home; [to achieve
many years of love, life, and happiness to come.]

My veterinarians, perform all health examinations as well as certifications to verify the health of each dog or puppy [this is ethical on my part
as the breeder.]  My dogs have the customary health checkups, including yearly vaccinations, being de-wormed, and taking heart worm
preventive. In addition to these checkups, my breeding dogs receive additional care, [complete blood workup which also includes: heart,
lungs, liver; and patella, eye exams, dental check ups with dental cleaning as needed.]  Through hard work as a breeder, I believe in
improving upon the selection and genetics of my pedigrees and conformation.  In my own practice, which I take very seriously, have
researched the puppy process in-depth, and have had my dogs screened for genetic defects before breeding.  For it is not only about my
dogs being the best they can be, but being structurally, mentally, physically, temperamentally, and genetically sound.  My unique line of
canines is not only considered family, but the light of my life.  However, my life goal is to continue exactly what I'm doing now; striving for
perfection in the breeding, showing, and performance of my beloved Papillons and as family companions.  If you are looking for a genetically
healthy puppy, that is an excellent representation of the breed, with an outstanding temperament, and nice conformation; you have come to
the right place.  Please do the research and get information on the sire and dam [going generations back on the pedigree] on your
puppy/dog.  Learn what reputation the breeder [years experience, how many genetically sound dogs/puppies, and Titled~finishable dogs
they have bred over the years and what type of environment from which the dog lives in.  Be as thorough as you can for these dogs are an
investment as well as a family member and do have longevity.  Remember getting the best well rounded and genetically sound puppy/dog is
very important in the long term!
Katurah's Flyer
Katurah's Cally
AKC ptd. Katurah's Zoey
Multiple BOB Grand CH Group 4 Placer and AKC
Multiple BOB  CH Turbo